The concern with healthy eating gained even more prominence with COVID-19. Whether to take care of immune health and maintain weight in the face of reduced physical activity, or to deal with anxiety and improve mental and emotional health. According to Mintel, 40% of Brazilians claimed to have adopted somewhat healthier eating habits during the COVID-19 pandemic and 73% agreed that having healthy eating habits is as important for mental/emotional health as for physical health .

Those who adopted healthier eating habits during the pandemic are taking more vitamins and supplements, presenting an opportunity for these categories. Despite this, Brazilians in general still relate the maintenance of healthy eating habits to the preparation of meals at home using fresh and/or minimally processed ingredients. And helping them to prepare, especially teaching options focused on immunity, is something brands should do to gain ground.

In addition, the new labeling standard approved by Anvisa and the increased incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension, should bring sugar, sodium and fat back to the center of the discussion on healthy eating.

Another important issue is the concern with the contamination of food and beverages as well as their packaging. This has motivated 62% of respondents to sanitize food and beverages better and more often to make sure they are not contaminated.


of those interviewed said that due to COVID-19 they started to eat healthier to maintain their weight, as they reduced their physical activities, according to a study by Mintel.


of the Brazilians mentioned having adopted the habit of cleaning food and beverages better and more frequently to ensure that they are not contaminated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the same study by Mintel.

Source: Healthy Eating Trends Report


Mintel Research Key Insights

Unemployment and high prices for staple foods impact the Brazilian shopping list

  • Sanitation and protection of food and beverages is a major concern among consumers
  • Some brands are already adapting, or have simple solutions that can inspire innovations focused on hygiene
  • Some brands are already adapting, or have simple solutions that can inspire innovations focused on hygiene
  • Snacks, sweets and desserts can invest in indulgent options that actually have ingredients and assets focused on mental/emotional health


Main Opportunities

Cognitive health-focused beverages can also help Generation Z meet iron intake in their diets.

  • Functional non-alcoholic beverage launches that dialogue with young people do not have iron
  • Own brands can help Brazilians increase their consumption of plant-based products
  • Assets that support digestive health can highlight benefits for mental and emotional health


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