People who are in the habit of consuming coffee can tell that this moment is a space for a unique experience in their daily lives. After all, from its preparation to the moment of consumption, the consumer is embraced and comforted by its unique aroma and flavor. The drink that is the company for many, whether alone or for that chat between friends (it is worth remembering that in this moment of pandemic, it has been missed by many people). That’s why coffee is one of the most loved drinks in the world!

Coffee opens up several opportunities for the food and beverage industry. After all, its flavor and shape need not only be consumed in the purest coffee. Its characteristics are applied in other product profiles such as alcoholic beverages, chocolates, ice cream, desserts and in many other markets, but there are also several opportunities for innovation when we talk about the coffee itself. Let’s know a little more about this subject? Check out some data about this drink below:

Coffee flavor in other markets

We know that in addition to pure coffee, we have other beverages that take coffee such as cappuccinos, caramel macchiato and other various possibilities when we enter a coffee shop. The industry has also brought the possibility of bringing the “coffee” flavor into other products that are not necessarily related to beverages. So, let’s go to some examples to inspire you:

Perfect World Espresso Ice Cream

Perfect World Sweet Espresso ice cream is considered a non-dairy coffee flavored ice cream. It only contains 342 calories and has natural sugars. It is a vegan product and is rich in 12 vitamins and minerals. Contains dietary fiber and is free from added sugar, gluten, wheat.

Elit Gourmet Chocolate Collection

The Elit Gourmet collection is a halal certified product and contains dark chocolate filled with Turkish coffee cream, milk chocolate filled with espresso flavored cream and white chocolate filled with café latte cream. This product is sold in a 200g pack.

Carrefour Flan Café Extra

A coffee flavored and gluten-free flan. Sold in 4 units of 100g.

In addition to bringing the coffee flavor in other products on the market, there is room for innovation when it comes to coffee. It is possible to explore some trends that are constantly growing in the market and that meet the expectations generated by the new consumer.

Explore the plant-based trend

The coffee industry can bring plant-based products, formulating new products with alternatives to milk. These innovations will attract a broader consumer base, as in addition to vegans, it will be possible to reach people who want to withdraw or reduce dairy consumption.

Considering the functionality in the cafe

One way to drive growth, coffee brands can offer functional health benefits through this beverage, including “super ingredients” such as MCT. Brands can also bring more natural recipes with low sugar content to tie the product to the “better-for-you” positioning.

Opportunity to bring consumer experience

There are opportunities for brands to inspire innovation from the “Coffee away from home” trends and which are unstapleable. An example is to bring the flavor and indulgence that consumers often find in coffee shops and this same opportunity for them to consume inside their own home.


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Source: Mintel

Written by Letícia Pereira – Marketing


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