The main vegan food trends in the market



November 1st was elected as World Vegan Day, an important date for Vegans or vegan food supporters.


But more than just a day to celebrate and remember food without animal-origin ingredients, it is an opportunity to make the industry rethink their innovations and products offered to consumers.


Would you like to learn more about this subject and what are the trends in vegan food around the world? Follow the content prepared for you at MasterSense‘s blog!


Healthy vegan eating is a trend


According to a survey conducted by Mintel in 2020, 48% of the Brazilian respondents, including omnivores, say they are interested in vegan positionings in food and beverages.

The truth is that Veganism has stopped being a niche a long time ago and isn’t only adopted by those who have some dietary restriction. According to Innova, consumers consider plant-based alternatives mainly because they are healthier and better for the planet.

Thus, globally, brands have been trying to diversify their options and offer more variety to consumers in all categories, from hamburgers to desserts, yogurts, beverages, etc. The most important is always ensure a memorable flavor and consumer experience, as expected for any other type of product.


Food for vegans around the world


Whether for a vegan food recipe, a restaurant menu, or an afternoon snack or any meal, it is essential to give consumers the power to choose which type of diet they wish to follow.


Offering unique and tasty features that meet physical and mental well-being and respect the environment will be the sector’s target in the present and the future.


Would you like to learn what brands are doing in relation to this topic in other countries?

Based on Mintel’s survey, below are some of the latest no animal ingredients product launches around the world that meet the hottest trends of the moment:


Carbonaut Seeded Bread (Canada/USA)

Vegan low-carb bread provides 6g of protein per slice and is also suitable for keto diets. It contains seeds and fibers and is considered a highly filling product.


Hershey’s Oat Made (USA)

Plant-based dark Chocolate made with oats and no animal ingredients. There is also an almond and sea salt option, both of which are part of the brand’s new “best for you” product line, in addition to bearing the seal of more sustainable ingredients.


Next! Bacon Strips (Spain)

Extra crispy vegan bacon strips, ready in 3 minutes. Described as the first plant-based bacon in the world that looks, cooks, sizzles, and tastes exactly like fresh Bacon.


Dobra Kaloria Plant-Based Sausage (Poland)

Smoked and steamed ready-to-eat seasoned vegan sausage made from buckwheat and sunflower seeds. It is a source of fiber for the vegan diet and the flavor is similar to the meat version.


MasterSense is your partner for your vegan food production.


Did you like the vegan food products? Innovating with awareness is what rules this market and it is the sector’s role to enable this process.

If you are thinking of meeting the most varied consumer diets and demands, contact MasterSense and learn more about our solutions!


Written by: Carla de Oliveira


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