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MasterSense has worldwide renowned partners who constantly invest in research, technology and quality certification to offer your customers the best ingredients and flavors, making the production process more efficient and bringing the final consumer an incredible sensory experience.

Please, Check the portfolio available in your country


Operating in the agro-industrial segment since 1982, the Agropalma Group, the largest palm oil producer in Latin America, has a total land area of approximately 107,000 hectares, of which 39,000 hectares are palm plantations and 64,000 hectares are nature reserve.

Through its palm and palm kernel oil extraction industries, as well as the refinery dedicated to processing crude oils, Agropalma has a fully traceable production chain capable of supplying fully segregated palm oil products and derivatives.

Among all the certifications that the company has – demonstrating its high degree of social and environmental commitment- stand out the certifications of Organic Production (IBD, Bio Suisse, NOP / USDA, JAS), the EcoSocial seal and the RSPO in which the Agropalma Group has 100% of its palm oil plantation area and its certified factories.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certificate attests that palm oil has been produced sustainably in accordance with the Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil Production (RSPO P&C). The RSPO Principles and Criteria cover the commitment to transparency, the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability and a commitment to continuous improvement. By complying with these requirements, the Agropalma Group contributes to the generation of wealth and well-being for society by maintaining a healthy balance between the use of natural resources, the generation and distribution of income and the profitability of the business.

Agropalma operates in both domestic and international markets, exporting about 50% of its production: approximately 90% of exports go to Europe and 10% to the USA.

In 2016 opens its second refinery, located in Limeira/SP, which brings the company closer to customers of the South and Southeast. In addition to expanding Agropalma’s production capacity, the new plant also offers the possibility of producing high-value specialty fats.



With experience gained over two centuries in a variety of industries and in over 90 countries, DuPont® is uniquely positioned to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges: the growing need for more food, energy and protection.

DuPont Nutrition and Health combines in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition with current research and expert science to deliver unmatched value to the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries.

As one of the world’s leading ingredient leaders, DuPont Nutrition and Health brings together a wide variety of sustainable ingredients to increase quality, enhance nutritional profile and extend the shelf life of food in general.



Frieslandcampina Ingredients is a division of the Frieslandcampina Group which includes 5 globally operating companies working with dedication and passion to redefine nutrition across 6 strategic segments: Early Life Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Food & Beverage, Creamy Liqueur Bases, Animal Nutrition & Pharmaceuticals .

It has around 3,100 employees in 5 regional sales offices. With locations around the world and exporting to more than 100 countries, it provides the ingredients for the global food industry. This makes it one of the largest dairy ingredients companies in the world.

Empresas do Grupo

Desde 1979, a Creamy Creation traz ao mercado uma gama de produtos de alta tecnologia relacionados a bebidas emulsionadas e nutricionais. Com plantas de produção nos EUA e Holanda, a Creamy Creation oferece expertise no desenvolvimento e fabricação bebidas alcoólicas e não alcoólicas cremosas.


Fundada em 1926, a FrieslandCampina DMV – líder mundial em caseinatos, possui vasta experiência em proteínas lácteas, com atuação principal nos mercados de Nutrição Esportiva, Controle de Peso, Nutrição Clínica e Lácteos.

Atuando em parceria com universidades e institutos mundialmente reconhecidos, investe continuamente pesquisas sobre a funcionalidade das proteínas, valor nutricional, bem como sobre características físico-químicas e aplicações, o que permite a FrieslandCampina DMV inovar constantemente e ampliar sua oferta de produtos.


Com mais de 120 anos de história, a FrieslandCampina – Kievit é reconhecidamente especialista em processos de emulsificação, secagem spray drying, microencapsulação e aglomeração. Pioneira em tecnologia, sua experiência a diferencia de seus concorrentes na transformação de líquidos em pós com a adaptação das características funcionais específicas para cada aplicação.



Since 1833, the American company IFF – International Flavors & Fragances has been practicing the art of discovery, seeking success through exploration and building a legacy of innovations in flavors and fragrances.
A passionate, creative company with skilled specialists, in constant search of new challenges and development of new solutions.

Present in more than 30 countries, IFF is an innovative leader in sensory experiences, constantly evolving, bringing together a wide variety of flavors and fragrances that inspire, light the senses and transform everyday life, meeting the most varied needs and demands of the food industry.


PureCircle is a global leader in the production of high purity Stevia extracts through its integrated value chain and investments in leaf research, innovation and science.

Stevia is a sugar substitute that comes from a plant, sustainable and has no calories, suitable for food and beverages. Stevia leaf has been used to sweeten for centuries throughout the world.

A South American native plant, Stevia rebaudiana is a species in the genus Stevia of the sunflower family (Asteraceae). In the 1930s, two French chemists isolated the glycosides that give stevia its sweet taste.

High purity stevia sweeteners are 200 to 350 times sweeter than sugar and offer a unique opportunity to produce safe foods and beverages, with high quality, low or zero calories and low sugar for a healthy lifestyle and/or a weight loss or diabetes program.

The world’s leading regulatory organizations, including the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), which is part of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), have determined that high purity Stevia extracts are safe for the whole family.
Today, more than 150 countries around the world have approved the use of these extracts as safe sweeteners for food and beverages.



Founded in 1891 in France, Rousselot has always worked closely with customers to create the highest quality products made with a commitment to quality, safety and sustainability.
Global leader in gelatins and collagen peptides, it has 11 quality control laboratories, 10 sales offices, 1 R&D center and 3 application laboratories, always aiming to offer the best solutions to customers according to market trends.


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