On May 17th, we celebrate Yogurt Day, this nutritious snack that is also used as part of meals, desserts or recipes and that is gaining more and more space in the consumer’s daily life.

For half of Brazilians, for example, flavor is the main purchase attribute for this item, and other characteristics that involve healthiness are also highly valued, such as protein and fat content.

Thus, the important thing is to bring a tasty product to customers, reconciling textures, indulgence and also attributes that contribute to health through yogurt, whether through inclusions such as fibers or even through the product’s cultures. MasterSense can help you to innovate in this category and that’s why we’ve brought some news in the global market to inspire you.

Brainiac Yogurt (USA)

Described as the first and only snack for kids with a fuel for the brain, Brainiac’s children’s yogurt contains omega-3s and 6g of protein, as well as lower sugar content. They have drinkable or spoonable formats and several flavors such as strawberry and banana, cherry and vanilla, among others.



Good Culture Wellness Probiotic Vanilla + Collagen Gut Shot (USA)

This vanilla flavored kefir yoghurt is in a shot format (only 101 mL per package) and has collagen in its formulation, positioning itself as functional for skin beauty attributes. In addition, it contains live and active cultures that improve digestive functioning.





Oykos Greek-Style Yogurt with Date Sauce, Sticky Toffee & Cake (United Kingdom)

In a super indulgent option with a mix of textures and flavors, this yogurt can even be a dessert, bringing the creamy Greek style and a layer of date syrup, caramel toffee and pieces of sponge cake.


Siggi’s ‘Palate Training Kit’ (United States)


The Siggi’s brand has launched a sensory kit to stimulate the taste buds of consumers that includes a 30-day supply of 0% fat and 50% less sugar yogurt. In several flavors, it comes with a spoon, stopwatch, eye mask, pen and diary. The intention is for consumers to taste the yogurts with their eyes closed, feeling each of its characteristics in an immersive experience, and then write down their perceptions in an attempt to lead them to healthier choices and habits little by little.





Written by: Carla de Oliveira


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