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Valentine’s Day

Unlike other countries in the world, in Brazil Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12th, a date thought to be the day before the day of St. Anthony, who is known by devotees as a matchmaker saint. Thus, the date that has become a tradition in the country is marked by a day when couples usually exchange gifts, celebrate their union and enjoy together.

From breakfast in bed to a different dinner, the celebration around snacks, dishes and special preparations is one of the most practiced, inside or outside the home. Presenting your sweetheart with chocolates, making a special recipe or going out to eat will depend on the creativity of each person, who can count on the food and beverage industry to help with the ideas. Several brands are always bringing specific news for Valentine’s Day to be even more delicious and some interesting releases around the world you can find below.

Note: Singles are also more than welcome in this post.

Heinz Marry Me? Alphabet Pasta (Reino Unido)

Maud Borup Cotton Candy (EUA)

Euroser White Stilton Cheese with Mango & Ginger (Romênia)

Krasnyy Pishchevik Festini Marshmallow (Bielorrússia)

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