Long before the Christian celebration, the end of winter in the northern hemisphere was celebrated with an egg exchange on March 21, commemorating the arrival of spring. Eggs were used as quite common gifts, being painted with engravings or adorned with herbs and dyes, even becoming a luxury item through ornaments. It was in the mid-18th century that the French decided to empty the eggs and fill them with chocolate.

Regardless of the occasion, whether it’s to satisfy a craving, be part of a recipe, complete an afternoon snack or a dessert, it’s difficult for those who don’t like chocolate. Therefore, we brought some news in chocolates around the world that are even in line with the trends for the food category.

What’s New in Chocolates

M&S Craft Beer Chocolates (UK, 2020)


Sweet and milk chocolate tulips made with salted caramel beers, Cornish Pale Ale and also London Porter, have a flavored center and are suitable for vegetarian consumption.





Entis Hausgrillen in Milchschokolade (Germany, 2020)


Described as the perfect introduction to the emerging food revolution, made with home-grown crickets that bring crunchiness and a slight nutty flavor, with a milk chocolate coating, combining sweet and savory notes.





Honest Artist Range 70% Chocolate with Miso and Tamari Sunflower Seeds (South Africa, 2020)


Made with organic cocoa from farms in Tanzania and seasoned by hand in small batches, the product has flavors that combine the sweet and salty miso, soy sauce and sunflower seeds, in addition to being vegan.







Jojo’s Goes Hawaiian Guilt-Free Chocolate (USA, 2020)


Dark chocolate covered with coconut, sea salt and sugar-free macadamia nuts contains 150 calories and is suitable for ketogenic diets.

It is possible to innovate in different ways in chocolates. Therefore, count on MasterSense in this challenge. We are specialists in ingredients and flavors and we wish you a great Easter.



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