The face of summer, everyone already knows what it is: sun, vacation, beach and a lot of heat. However, this time also takes us to planning activities and diets to reach the “ideal body”. Much more than aesthetics, we want to promote the redefinition of the “Summer Project”, because what really matters is quality of life.

The good news is that the industry can guarantee well-being at any time of the year by offering options for healthier eating based on 3 fundamental pillars:




It is important to emphasize that health is no longer a trend in the food and beverage market, but a reality that the industry has been experiencing in recent years. According to Mintel, 40% of Brazilians adopted healthier eating habits during COVID compared to the period before the pandemic and 73% of Brazilians consider healthy eating habits important for both mental and emotional health and for physical health. In other words, healthy foods are here to stay.


With the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers had to adapt to the new routine of daily life and will still remain with various activities at home for some time and therefore, there is a great opportunity for the industry to offer products that are practical and to assist them in their daily routine. According to a survey carried out by Mama Labs “Mindminers – Mothers in quarantine – Apr/20” 20% passaram of mothers started to buy processed foods that were not consumed before the pandemic due to its practicality.


Consumers are looking for a healthier and more practical diet in their daily lives, but they are not willing to give up the taste. Recent data show that 90% of respondents think that balancing healthy options with indulgent options is important, and of this total, 45% actually perform this balance and 40%, although they think it is important, do not do it. The same survey still shows that only 7% think it’s not important, but still make choices based on this balance.

But how can the industry help consumers who want to eat healthy and what options are available in the market?

The food and beverage industry brings innovation into its DNA. Always attentive to consumer demands, it offers a range of options based on the concepts of the 3 pillars discussed above, combining healthy, tasty ingredients and without forgetting convenience in consumption.

Check out some product lines and their benefits below:

– Protein bars and breads – in addition to satiety and muscle development, they contribute by providing energy to the body, since protein is slowly digested and can help to delay the absorption of carbohydrates ingested along with it, preventing blood sugar from rising or falling and the energy is maintained over time.

– Fiber – present in wholegrain products, for example, impact intestinal transit and reduce abdominal swelling, also contributing to the reduction of cholesterol levels and diabetes. Wholemeal breads can be a great ally in the regulation and proper functioning of the intestinal function.

– Drinks – fundamental role in hydration, especially in heat, where the loss of water by the body is greater. Drinking liquid helps eliminate toxins and, for those who like flavor, there is no lack of options such as teas, flavored waters and even juices.

One of the innovations offered by the industry is flavored coconut water, in addition to being refreshing, it is rich in electrolytes and contributes to practical hydration in everyday life and with a fruity taste. Another trend is the Kombucha fermented drink, which can also be a great ally, as it is linked to the balance of intestinal flora, immune system, among others.

– Chocolates – play a big role in well-being, even more so with heat stress. Sweet products and “comfort foods” contribute to relieving tension. The antioxidant in chocolates as well as collagen additions increasingly contribute to the skin’s beauty and healthiness of the product, making it a major contributor to physical and mental health.

– Yoghurts – in addition to being a quick and nutritious snack, nowadays they bring several attributes and innovations such as the presence of proteins, or even the addition of collagen that contributes to the health of the skin. The live microorganisms in yogurt make the intestinal flora healthier, as well as helping to absorb nutrients better and reduce bloating.

– Ice cream – in addition to sweetening the day, refreshing is guaranteed. Healthy ice creams are gaining space in addition to reducing sugar and the use of fruit. Protein ice cream, for example, is a snack that brings nutritional support and contributes to satiety in an indulgent way.


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