The BHB – Building Healthier Brands – had its tenth edition from October 19th to 22nd, 2020. The event was 99% digital and focused on trends and innovations in the area of food, beverages and supplementation.

MasterSense, as sponsor of the event, created content that will be broadcast later, as new material for IGTV, containing trends aimed at children and seniors. “We focus on this audience, as both bring interesting opportunities for the industry. The first due to the growing concern of parents to offer healthy and at the same time convenient food for their children, and the second public that grows with the increase in life expectancy and demand for options that are adequate to their new nutritional needs, without necessarily linking to supplementation .” details Mariane Pinhal,  Marketing manager of the company.


In addition to these contents, the company also prepared a special article with three specialists on the topic of New Nutritional Labeling, and a podcast with Gustavo Assis, executive director, in which the history of MasterSense was the main subject, covering topics such as market evolution of food and beverages and consumer behavior.

About MasterSense – Founded in 2005, the company completes 15 years, serving hundreds of food industries across the country, in the most diverse segments.


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