MasterSense appreciates and values collaboration, establishing assistance that has a positive impact on society.

In practice, companies can donate a portion of their income tax to one or more registered institutions. With this in mind, we annually choose and select institutions to support through this tax incentive initiative.

Institutions we currently support:


Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism is a global movement that originated in the United States. This movement aims at raising business leaders’ awareness for practices that generate value for all stakeholders.


MasterSense’s purpose is to be part of the food and beverage market transformation. From the moment our partners learned more about this important initiative, they understood that it relates to MasterSense’s values. Since then, engagement with this movement began. Our CEO Gustavo Assis has been an official ambassador for Conscious Capitalism since 2020, and MasterSense has been part of the project since July 2022.

Our S.E.R. program gained a committee of ambassadors representing the movement’s main pillars and, more recently, we decided to bring in BRAVO GRC to support us in structuring our materiality matrix and bringing the initiatives even closer to the business strategy.

The S.E.R. Program is a multidisciplinary group comprised of employees.

The program started in 2019 with the purpose of being one of the best companies FOR the world, generating value for society through sustainable actions, encouraging diversity, respect for others and the environment.

The S.E.R program is based on the four pillars below

For 20 years, Lar Cristão has offered assistance to minors and permanently strives to accomplish its mission, whose main objective is respect for each individual. Today the institution provides shelter for 18 children.

An initiative that shows, in practice, that when several people come together driven by the same purpose, big changes happen.

Today, one of the institutions that is supported by the S.E.R. program is Lar Cristão, a non-governmental institution in the city of Cabreúva, state of São Paulo.  Lar Cristão was created by a group of Christians who believed in the potential of human beings and who wanted to commit to building a more equitable society.

The Vida + program is another of our actions

One of our fundamental pillars is to provide guidance for people who cross our path. That is why we created the Vida + Program in 2018. It aims to provide employees with moments of interaction and expand awareness

The Vida + program is based in six pillars


Motivating space designed for the well-being of our employees

Here at MasterSense everyone can experience, relax, exercise, learn, and challenge themselves so that they can live more fully on both a personal and professional level. Thus, we believe that our people will feel happier and more fulfilled. That is our purpose!