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Flavors and ingredients with a focus on health and nutrition

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Beverage industry

MasterSense caters to several beverage subcategories with the best ingredients and flavors, creating a great consumer experience.

Candy and confectionery industry

MasterSense offers ingredients and flavors to match every functionality, with inclusions, sugar reduction and quality fats that ensure incredible flavors through food.

Dairy Industry

Opportunities in snacking, convenience and functionality span the entire category.  MasterSense offers several solutions to bring these features ever closer to the end consumer.

Bakery Industry

MasterSense offers a number of solutions to meet consumer demands, which also allows the company to improve industrial processes, ensuring superior products. 

Savory snacks and culinary ingredients industry

MasterSense provides the industry with the best options, creating new experiences through different products.

Ice Cream Industry

MasterSense offers solutions with superior and healthy options and excellent flavors for consumers to enjoy their ice cream.

Food Supplements Industry

 We offer a wide variety of ingredients and flavors so the industry can provide the best products to their consumers.