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Special carbohydrates help with partial or total sugar substitution and work in synergy with other sweeteners to offer consumers a healthy product with an excellent sensory experience.

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Category: Special Carbohydrates

Brand name: Lactitol

Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Bakery products (cakes, cookies), Chocolate


Lactitol is a sweetener with only 2.4kcal/g, derived from milk sugar, and, like LITESSE®, it is a prebiotic with low glycemic index.

It is a disaccharide polyol with properties very similar to sucrose, such as sweetness profile, viscosity and hygroscopicity. Additionally, its molecular weight provides a similar effect on water activity.


Category: Special Carbohydrates

Brand name: XIVIA®

Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Chewing gum, Confectionery, Oral care, and Pharmaceutical products


Xylitol is a special carbohydrate (polyol), found in many fruits and vegetables, with 40% less calories. This product is approved worldwide for food applications and commonly used in chewing gum and confectionery, in addition to also being used in the oral care, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics markets.

XIVIA® has a sweetness similar to sucrose and provides excellent oral care benefits. It is a healthy sugar substitute that protects your teeth (non-cariogenic), promoting their remineralization. In addition, when XIVIA® dissolves, its negative heat of the solution provides a pleasant cooling effect, ideal for mint and fruit flavors.

XIVIA® can be obtained in either crystals or ground form.

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