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  • Variation in color and flavor
  • Pleasant texture
  • Sensory properties
  • Whitening adjustment
  • Mouthfeel properties

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Category: Powdered Fats

Brand name: Vana®-Crema

Manufacturer: FrieslandCampina – KIEVIT

Applications: Instant soups and powders for sauce preparation


Vana®-Crema includes the line of multifunctional creaminess agents, which feature different types and percentages of fats, proteins, emulsifiers, media and additives.

Promotes several properties, such as whitening, mouthfeel, flavor, texture and, of course, creaminess, which can be adjusted to the most demanding applications such as creams, soups and broths. In addition, the product can act as a pre-emulsified fat in ready-to-eat products.


Category: Powdered Fats

Brand name: Vana®-Grasa

Manufacturer: FrieslandCampina – KIEVIT

Applications: Bakery (cake mixes), Dairy mixes, Culinary use (seasoning and sauces)


Vana®-Grasa includes the line of powdered fats from the most varied plant sources, with a fat content of up to 80%. The products also contain proteins and medium in their composition.

The high percentage of fat, combined with the good flow and homogenization properties, allow the Vana®-Grasa line to provide excellent results in application both in preparation powders and in ready-to-eat foods, as a source of fat.

Among the available plant sources, we can highlight the following: palm, coconut, soybean, canola and olive.

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