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Palm fats are a vegetable alternative in the food and beverage market. In addition to all these benefits, this line has RSPO certification, which guarantees the responsible management of palm oil plantations.

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Category: Palm Fats


Manufacturer: AGROPALMA

Applications: Industrial frying and Food Service


The Agropalma frying oils and fats line features products with a melting point of 18 and 37°C, which serves different types of frying.

For the Food Service market, we can highlight the Doratta Fry line, as it was especially developed to meet specific requirements of this market.

Doratta Fry has the Fritura Limpa® (Clean Frying) seal because it is free from genetically modified organisms, with biological pest control, without the use of pesticides. The extraction is mechanical, without chemical solvents.  Refining is carried out physically and without the use of chemicals to neutralize acidity. Doratta Fry does not release any odor or smoke into the environment.  In addition, it leaves no oily taste, preserving the original flavor of food. that stay drier and crunchier for longer.

It is the only product of its category on the market manufactured by processes certified by RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), an initiative that sets forth the Principles and Criteria for the sustainable production of palm oil in the world, giving the product high reliability.

Due to the presence of natural antioxidants (tocotrienols) and low content of linolenic acid (C18:3), this oil is highly stable to oxidation and prolonged heating, providing a differentiated yield due to less frequent need for changes.

Doratta Mix fat is recommended for fried foods in general.  The product has a mix of fractionated palm oils and cotton in its composition. It maintains food flavor, it is versatile and easy to handle.


Category: Palm Fats

Brand name: PALM FAT 180 A/F, 370 B, 370 SAF, 420 B and 460 UG

Manufacturer: AGROPALMA

Applications: Biscuits, Breads, Pasta, Ice Cream, Sprinkling, among other food applications


The products are obtained by combining olein (liquid fraction) and stearin (solid fraction) from palm extraction that generates oils and fats with different melting points ranging from 18 to 46°C and thus serving a wide range of food applications.


Category: Palm Fats

Brand name: Palm Kernel Oil

Manufacturer: AGROPALMA

Applications: Coatings for ice creams, cosmetics and oils and chemistry industries


The oil is extracted from the kernel of the fruit of the oil palm, Elaeis guineensis, by physical methods (mechanical pressing) without the use of solvents or other chemical substances. Refining is carried out naturally (physical process) without the use of chemical inputs.

Even though it is obtained from the same fruit of the palm tree, this oil has very different characteristics from Palm Oil. The oil mainly has short-chain fatty acids (C12:0, C14:0) and, therefore, has particular physical characteristics which are important for specific applications (example: in the manufacture of soaps, cocoa butter substitutes, oil and chemistry, etc.). This oil has high oxidative stability due to the low degree of unsaturation of its fatty acids.

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