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Ice cream stabilizers and emulsifiers help maintain incorporated air, delay melting, and prevent large ice crystals from forming in ice cream, ensuring the consumer receives the best product.

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Category: Ice cream stabilizers

Brand name: Cremodan®

Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Ice creams


CREMODAN® is a solution composed of hydrocolloids and mono and diglycerides indicated for ice cream production. The product line is extensive, encompassing applications in ice cream, milk- and water-based popsicles, soft serve, sorbet and sherbet. The CREMODAN® ingredient characteristics increases melt resistance, decreases the sensation of cold, improves creaminess, prevents shrinkage and adds air in a more stable manner and with greater overrun.

The CREMODAN® line includes a base for developing ice cream reduced in sugar and fat-free, which contains sweeteners, stabilizers, sugar and fat substitutes in its composition. The product has no residual flavor and has excellent melting control.

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