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Gelatin has gelling properties that give it consistency and texture for culinary consumption such as desserts, sweets, confectionery and others. But, not only, they also have versatility of application in several markets of the food industry.

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Category: Gelatin

Brand name: Rousselot, 225 H 30, 250 AH 8 and 250 H 30

Manufacturer: ROUSSELOT

Applications: Confectionery, Dairy


Gelatin is a clean, healthy and completely safe ingredient, created by nature. Extracted from collagen, a natural animal protein that stimulates body strength and mobility, Rousselot gelatins are adapted to ensure consistent quality.  This makes them the perfect excipient for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food applications. Rousselot gelatin has great versatility and multifunctionality, which makes it highly efficient and easy to use.

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