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  • Improves dough tolerance
  • Increases volume
  • Provides texture

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Category: Flour Improvers

Brand name: GRINDSTED® BWA

Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Bread premixes, Frozen doughs


GRINDSTED® BWA is a IFF solution based on emulsifiers and hydrocolloids, which provide increased water absorption and consequently better wheat flour yield. The product also promotes crumb softness, improves the tolerance of dough to flour and process variations and the quality of bread in volume, appearance and crunchiness.


Category: Flour Improvers

Brand name: GRINDSTED® POWERBake

Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Bread pre-mixes, Industrial Bakery


The GRINDSTED® POWERBake line improves the processability and quality of all types of bread in terms of texture, appearance and shelf-life.

Customized solutions based on high quality and standardization, containing advanced ingredients, including emulsifiers and enzymes commonly used in baking.

Among other benefits, the reduction in the number of individual ingredients can be highlighted, which facilitates weighing and reduces the risk of process errors, resulting in better performance and quality of the final product.

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