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  • Contributes to the fermentation process
  • Ensures meat and dairy products safety
  • Offers benefits to the gastrointestinal system

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Category: Culture media

Brand name: TEXEL®

Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Meat


The TEXEL® line offers concentrated lyophilized culture media for the maturation of meat products.

Mainly comprised of Staphylococcus and Lactobacillus genera strains, the TEXEL® line products aim at providing texture, flavor, and color to fermented meats, such as salami. The culture ensures good solidification and drying of the product.

In addition to promoting good stability and high color intensity, as well as contributing to the product aroma and flavor by preventing fats to oxidate, the TEXEL® line products also assist in inhibiting microbiological contamination of food by competition.


Category: Culture media

Brand name: Danisco® VEGE

Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Plant-Based Products, Protein Vegetable Drinks, Bars, Bakery Products, Fermented Drinks, Snacks


The Danisco® VEGE line offers a blend of lyophilized culture media that has been especially developed to ferment beverages based on various plant sources, such as: soybean, peas, coconut, nuts, cereals, fruits, and vegetable juices. For each application there is a specific blend that will provide a characteristic flavor and texture depending on the base.

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