The best sensory quality with guaranteed delivery of flavor and creaminess

Consumers want to have an indulgent, creamy, and quality product.

Our portfolio includes cream liqueurs offering a solution that will help with the sensory quality delivering flavor and creaminess to the beverage and ensuring that there is no phase separation in the product.

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Category: Creamy Base for Alcoholic Beverage

Brand name: Neutral / Acidic / Yogurt base

Manufacturer: Creamy Creation

Applications: Traditional cream liqueurs, mixed drinks, Ready-to-drink cocktails, and any alcoholic beverages with a creamy touch


With over 30 years of experience in the market, Creamy Creation delivers the solution for cream liqueurs for its customers. The bases show high performance in both neutral and acidic pH, as they guarantee beverage stability, without phase separation for at least 1 year. Additionally, they enhance sensory aspects and are flexible, acting synergistically with different flavors and aromas.

They assure the quality of the final product, without phase separation, eliminating the need to “shake before use”.

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We work side by side with companies that continuously invest in research, technology and quality certifications, in order to offer their customers the best in ingredients and flavors. Thus, the production process becomes more efficient and provides the end consumer with an incredible sensorial experience

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