Consumers are increasingly giving importance to attitudes that directly impact our physical and mental wellness

Collagen is a relevant ingredient, as it offers multiple benefits such as bone and joint health, providing healthy aging and also maintaining and improving the beauty of our skin and hair.

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Category: Collagen

Brand name: Peptan®, ProTake

Manufacturer: ROUSSELOT

Applications: Beverages, Confectionery, Dairy, Food Supplements


Peptan® is a bioactive protein in powder form. It has neutral taste and odor and is highly soluble and heat resistant. As a natural, non-allergenic and clean ingredient, it can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into food, beverages, nutricosmetics and functional dietary supplements, in addition to being compatible with other active ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals.

ProTake® is a natural-origin hydrolyzed bovine collagen, designed for food applications. This ingredient can be used alone or combined with other proteins, to increase the protein content of a product. It also has all the features necessary to lower fat and sugar content in healthier formulations.

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