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Category: Antioxidants

Brand name: GRINDOX®

Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Meats, Cereals, Cosmetics, Culinary Use, Oils and fats, Bakery products and Animal feed.


Synthetically produced, these food antioxidants from the GRINDOX® line are available in diluted form.

While BHA suppresses oxidation in animal fats and short-chain vegetable fats, BHT and BHA together have a synergistic effect, that is, BHT contributes to the regeneration of BHA radicals.


Category: Antioxidants


Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Meat, Sauces, Oils and fats, Bakery products, and Animal feed.


Due to the action of its phenolic diterpenes, GUARDIAN® Rosemary Extract contributes to delay the rancidification process in food, repairing the lipid structures of the free radicals present in the product.

In addition to increasing shelf-life by controlling the oxidative activities in food, GUARDIAN® Rosemary Extract also delays its color loss.

Because of its balanced structure and right medium, GUARDIAN® Rosemary Extract ensures its active principle is effectively distributed, providing greater functionality of the extract and consequent dosage reduction in the application.

The line includes both oil-soluble and water-dispersed and/or deodorized solutions.


Category: Antioxidants

Brand name: GUARDIAN® TOCO

Manufacturer: IFF

Applications: Meat, Cereals, Snacks, Sauces, Oils and fats, Bakery products, Cosmetics, and Animal feed.


Tocopherols are natural antioxidants that delay the action of free radicals present in food.

As they belong to the vitamin E family, tocopherols are recognized for their functionality that improves blood circulation and helps with the smooth functioning and regeneration of muscle tissues.

Our GUARDIAN® Toco line has high concentrations of tocopherols and an excellent fluidity effect, which contributes to streamline manufacturing processes.

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