The demand for healthier products is nothing new. Whether products with functionalities or reduced in sugar, regardless of the type of appeal, the consumer wants several possibilities for consumption of healthier products and does not give up on flavor. This search also reached the chocolate market.

According to Mintel there are some opportunities to be worked on in the communication of chocolates that are reduced in sugar. Check it out below:

Get more consumers to try low-sugar chocolate

Although the appeal of products reduced in sugar is on the rise due to the concern of consumers with excess consumption of sugar, we also have some consumer fear of losing product flavor with this reduction. The industry has the opportunity to communicate and reconcile the combination of chocolate and the product’s reduction in sugar.

Emphasize “chocolate”, not “low sugar”

Once again, taste is a deterrent to low-sugar chocolate, as ⅔ of those who try this type of chocolate don’t rate its taste the same as the standard options. Success will be in emphasizing the quality and flavor of the reduced sugar chocolate, rather than the low-content status.

According to Mintel, 45% of Brazilians are interested in buying sweets and desserts sweetened with healthy ingredients. Among the most used healthy positions in communication, we see no added sugar (9.2%) and no sugar (6%). For consumers who opt for dark chocolate, the presence of sugar is not a big issue, as these products tend to contain considerably less sugar than milk and white chocolate.

These last two mentioned here, have a higher sugar content and their consumers appreciate their flavor a lot, but today, there is already a search for healthier alternatives. Here there is the possibility of using natural sweeteners such as stevia to also bring the natural appeal to the product.

In a survey conducted by the Atlas Ingredion Program in 2020 with more than 10,000 respondents, it was found that 77.8% of consumers indicate that the sugar-free claim in a product is important and that 73.8% find the use of stevia in products acceptable. of confectionery.

Why does stevia stand out?

Stevia is a naturally sourced, sustainable, zero-calorie sweetening ingredient suitable for use in foods and beverages. Stevia leaf has been used for centuries for its sweetness in many parts of the world.

Yes it is safe!

Steviol glycosides are metabolized in the same way in men, women and children.

Steviol glycosides do not affect the microbiome in these same three groups.

Global regulatory authorities have determined that the use of high purity stevia extract is safe for the general population, including pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

We have the right partner

MasterSense is a partner of PureCircle – a global leader in the production of high purity stevia extracts.

PureCircle pioneered stevia flavor modifiers, which have the ability to enhance cocoa notes. This helps companies lessen dependence on scarce cocoa through a herbal ingredient solution in stevia.

These stevia flavor modifiers allow developers to reduce the amounts of cocoa along with sugar without compromising flavor.

Get in touch with our team of experts and let us know how we can help you with the challenges of offering a tasty, sugar-reduced chocolate to your consumer.

Written by Letícia Pereira – Marketing


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