Find the ideal flavor profile for your products and satisfy the consumption desires of your most demanding customers

Flavors are a key part of the characterization and identity generation process, and directly affect how food tastes. MasterSense’s team of experts will help you ensure your product has what it needs to stand out and be more.

MasterSense is synonymous with excellent professional services, combined with a wide range of sweet and savory flavors, liquids and powders.

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Sweet Flavours

What they offer is comfort and pleasure. There are several possible applications in the food and beverage market when it comes to sweet flavors. MasterSense has a complete bank, so you can provide consumers with the best sensory experience.

Salty Flavours

 Savory aromas provide a full taste experience for the most different types of products, whether used in snacks or culinary applications. 

With a robust portfolio in the flavor market, MasterSense delivers complete solutions so you can develop unique flavors for your product. 

Technologies in flavors

We operate with two complete technology lines to offer creative solutions to the food and beverage market so you can handle your greatest challenges:
Commodities replacers: line of aromas that provide the sensory characteristics when substituting or reducing the amount of ingredients such as cocoa, malt, milk, butter.