Chocolate is a much loved product. Because it is so present in the lives of many people, it is possible to innovate in several options and benefits linked to this product. Be it in smaller packages, making consumption easier at any time, offering healthier options and the most important of all: innovating in flavors. After all, the consumer greatly values ​​the flavor of a product.

According to reports published in Mintel, brands are increasingly seeking innovation in chocolates. New flavors have been appearing as a way to stimulate the senses, in addition to offering a differentiated experience, especially in Europe and Asia. However, in different markets flavor appears as the main reason to buy products such as chocolates.

In Europe, for example, indulgence is one of the motivators for the consumption of this product, with 78% of Brits prioritizing the flavor when choosing between chocolate products and almost half of the British and Germans would be motivated to buy chocolates that had a new one flavor.

However, it is necessary to align consumer expectations to ensure the perception of good value for money and also motivate purchases out of curiosity.

Since 2018, the flavors that appear the most in launches are hazelnut, caramel and almond, however, fruit and salted caramel flavors have become increasingly common.

Fruit Flavors

Orange, for example, is already well known by Brazilian consumers and citrus flavors, in turn, deliver an extra sensory experience in taste and aroma, as in the examples:

Flavors with salty touches

Flavors that bring a touch of saltiness, stimulate different sensations and even the perception of surprise, something that is well expressed by salty caramel, for example. However, other ways to bring this sensory mix such as spicy sweet and even smoked can be different alternatives for the category.

In Japan, the Kit Kat brand has been successful in its creations. There have been over 300 local flavors such as wasabi, sake, soy sauce and even throat lozenge for sporting events. All of this was linked to the cultural belonging of that region, bringing identity through food. Thus, appealing to regionality brings the feeling of belonging or even of traveling without leaving your place.

Flavors that stimulate the senses

Products that stimulate the senses are likely to spark interest and keep consumers engaged. Recalling moments of pleasure and intensity, stimulating taste, touch and smell make the experience memorable and can be achieved through references to the indulgence of a dessert or even alcoholic beverages, containing alcohol or not.


Thus, what successful brands show us is that it is necessary to understand their consumers and listen to their creativity. In times when we are looking for new emotions, moments of happiness and pleasure, exploring new frontiers is a great outlet for chocolates.

Count on MasterSense for your chocolate innovation projects so that together we can meet the taste demands of our consumers.


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