Solutions that allow replacing or reducing ingredients without losing product quality. Commodity replacers and Re-Imagine Wellness are complete solutions, designed for your industry to satisfactorily serve consumers who seek to eat a more balanced diet.

Commodities Replacers (CER - Commodities Extender Replacer)

Check our line of flavors that supply the sensory properties needed when you are replacing or reducing ingredients such as cocoa, malt, milk, butter.
  • Re-imagine Culinary
  • Customized and highly effective technology that allows greater independence in the commodities market.
  • Flexibility in Usage: as a substitute or flavor extender;
  • Benefit of offering a more stable and competitive cost than the Commodities variations;
  • Up to 15X concentration

Re-Imagine Wellness

 Aroma technology line that provides the sensory characteristics when replacing or lowering the amount of fats, sugars, or functional products.

• Increases the perception of sweetness or salt

• Optimizes flavor performance

• Improves body and texture, masking unwanted notes

Our partners are nown worldwide

We work side by side with companies that continuously invest in research, technology and quality certifications, in order to offer their customers the best in ingredients and flavors. Thus, the production process becomes more efficient and provides the end consumer with an incredible sensorial experience

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