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We are present in 6 countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala

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Partnerships with the world’s largest ingredient and flavor companies

Our technology allows us to provide knowledge and high-quality excellent products to the market. Check out our differentials at:


MasterSense provides a complete line of specialty ingredients that service the most diverse types of applications in the food industry.


With a wide collection of sweet and savory aromas, in liquid and powder form, we offer an excellent service through our technical team to help you find the ideal aroma profile for your product.

Health and Nutrition

The Master Sense MSXPlore Nutri platform introduces several solutions in line with the main market innovations.


 Innovating is necessary to meet consumer demands. Therefore, we offer the best solutions according to each customer’s needs.

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Our partners are nown worldwide

We work side by side with companies that continuously invest in research, technology and quality certifications, in order to offer their customers the best in ingredients and flavors. Thus, the production process becomes more efficient and provides the end consumer with an incredible sensorial experience

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Yes, our company distributes ingredients and flavors from world-renowned companies such as: Agropalma, Biorigin, Creamy Creation, Custom Fiber, FrieslandCampina, Gencau, IFF, ISF, InterFiber, PureCircle and Rousselot. We also offer technical services to support our customers in transforming the food and beverage market

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MasterSense does not produce ingredients and flavors. We distribute products from the following brands: Agropalma, Creamy Creation, FrieslandCampina, Gencau, IFF, InterFiber, PureCircle and Rousselot are strategic partners that allow us to offer solutions to the market. In addition to distribution, we offer technical services to use all our expertise on our customers’ projects.

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We operate in all food and beverage segments, including the following markets: Beverages, Sweets and Confectionary, Dairy products, Bakery products, Ice Creams, Food Supplements

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